The 2020 rollercoaster: between exhaustion and success

The good thing about 2020? It is almost over.

It has been difficult and disruptive and I can’t count the times where I was just so exhausted, tired, frustrated, sad, angry, exasperated — at the world, at isolation, lockdown, the emotional drain, anything and everything.

Yet, as I wrote a brief recap for my colleagues at Mozilla to reflect on all the things we achieved in terms of sustainability, I suddenly had to sit back and realise that though I may be emotionally and mentally exhausted, I am also incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to pull off. And not just because of 2020. These achievements would be successes in any circumstance. Thank you to everyone who contributed and helped put us on track!

The Mozilla Environmental Sustainability Programme at a glimpse

We launched in March 2020 and in collaboration with people from across the organisation set ourselves a strategy with 3 main goals:

  1. reducing the impact of our organisation where possible, mitigating the impact we can’t avoid,

Having never done Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) assessments before, we learned so much by developing a clear and concise Data Management Plan that not only adheres to Mozilla’s privacy policy and lean data practices but also identified data and information gaps, necessary tooling and access rights to develop a GHG inventory. Internally, we worked closely with the Legal and Trust teams as well as Data Engineering, while in addition we recruited and onboarded expert consultants to help with the technical and strategic requirements.

Once the foundations of the programme were in place:

In 2021, we will

  • pledge our climate commitments publicly.

And in the meantime, we ask people to think about potential action items

  • How can we strengthen our remote culture and incentivise an even more sustainable set-up?

Strategy expert, focusing in intersection of technology, human rights, global governance, and sustianability

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