The 2020 rollercoaster: between exhaustion and success

The Mozilla Environmental Sustainability Programme at a glimpse

We launched in March 2020 and in collaboration with people from across the organisation set ourselves a strategy with 3 main goals:

  1. reducing the impact of our organisation where possible, mitigating the impact we can’t avoid,
  2. training and developing our staff to build with sustainability in mind, and
  3. awareness raising, internally and externally.

Once the foundations of the programme were in place:

In 2021, we will

  • pledge our climate commitments publicly.
  • work with each department on their implementation plans to meet reduction targets.
  • engage our Environmental Champions more visibly, connecting experts and ideas to drive change.
  • publish our 2020 GHG assessment and evaluate our progress to inform ongoing reduction targets.
  • continue our awareness raising efforts and build out more co-design and collaboration processes for all staff.

And in the meantime, we ask people to think about potential action items

  • How can we strengthen our remote culture and incentivise an even more sustainable set-up?
  • How can we adjust our travel criteria and limit travel to necessary-only?
  • What about making all Mozilla catered food locally sourced and vegan?
  • What steps would we need to take to achieve zero waste in Mozilla spaces?
  • Are there tools that can support us to be a paper-free organisation?



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Cathleen Berger

Cathleen Berger

Strategy expert, focusing in intersection of technology, human rights, global governance, and sustianability