Here’s a checklist for increasing impact.

Picture taken in Lisbon © Cathleen Berger

It’s generally accepted that democracy is in crisis worldwide, and that spaces for civic participation are shrinking. Meanwhile, the so-called “techlash” is polarising debates around how governments around the world should govern the internet and social media.

For years, I’ve heard people talk about fostering dialogue between diverse stakeholder groups…

Would you be surprised if I told you #ricebunny and #metoo are the same thing? If so, I highly recommend listening to this Note To Self podcast that digs into the effects and manifestation of the me too movement in China — and that inspired me to write this post:

© Cathleen Berger

“Smart Cities sind nachhaltiger und integrierter Stadtentwicklung verpflichtet”, heißt es in der Smart City Charta von 2017, die ohne Frage einen umfassenden und durchaus begrüßenswerten Katalog an Handlungsanleitungen bereit stellt. Aber inwieweit lässt sich diese Vision realisieren und wo stößt die Utopie auf Hürden im praktischen Umgang mit Daten?


Privacy matters. Safeguarding it, though, has become costly: it is now a luxury to disconnect. These days, disconnecting is not just about unplugging and wellbeing, the lush idea of “digital-free” vacations. It is a critical and increasingly challenging aspect of maintaining our personal space.

A couple of months ago I…

Cathleen Berger

Strategy expert, focusing in intersection of technology, human rights, global governance, and sustianability

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